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Freskin Descendants Join Sutherland DNA Project

Very excited to pass along that we have two new Sutherland DNA Project members who have joined the study, both of whom have documented paper trails to the progenitor of the Sutherland Clan, Freskin de Moravia himself! My thanks to Mark Sutherland-Fisher and fellow admin Robert J. Sutherland for helping facilitate these Sutherland kinsmen to the study. Their DNA will greatly help advance our abilities to make interpretations. Stay tuned for more as these Sutheralnd DNA kit results are posted….. Patrick

Sutherland Clan – Just Who Was Freskyn of Moravia

Those of us who study the Sutherland family in all its guises tend to share a starting point. That starting point is a Flemish man called Freskin of Moravia. Some of us claim direct descent from him. Some of us aspire to be his direct descendants and in some cases have spent many years trying to prove it. Now others are Continue reading